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black sheep is a creative agency specializing in a versatile set of marketing solutions & design services to help bring new brands to life, existing brands into the 21st century, & push the boundaries of the future with innovative techniques & technology! 

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Lenny Martelli - Just A Thought
Jacob Jones - Son of a Military Man EP
It Would Be Hot - Summer Crush
Greylan James - Old Truck, Young Love
Lenny Martelli - Without You
Trevor Martin - Small Town Love
Cooper Alan - The Fridge
Trevor Martin - Keeper
Jacob Jones - Window Pain
Trevor Martin - Dream Girl
Jacob Jones - Ends In Why
Trevor Martin - Wife You Up
Trevor Martin - Just Like That
Jacob Jones - Savin' Up My Luck
Trevor Martin - Calling It Friends
Jacob Jones - Son Of A Military Man
Trevor Martin - Go-To
Roads - Tough Love
Jacob Jones - Black & White
White Shores - Face The Flames
White Shores - Decay EP
Jacob Jones - All Roads Lead To Rome
Lenny Martelli - Little Do You Know
Flames OhGod - Rolling Loud
Jacob Jones - Roots
Anomaly - Different Shade, Same Color
Roads - Westbound

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